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For Residents & Guests of YOUR West Lakes Community


SPEED LIMITS  Unlimited speed is allowed only on the MAIN BASIN of WALDRON LAKE during the hours of 10 am and 5 pm daily. All other waters, Jones Lake, south basin of WALDRON, Elkhart River, Steinberger Lake, and Tamarack Lake are limited to 10 MPH or less AT ALL TIMES. Due to the limited area within the buoys on the main basin of Waldron Lake (about 80 acres) and for maximum safety; Ski only in counter clockwise direction.

BUOYS Bouys can be placed in all lakes to indicate a distance of 200 feet from shoreline. Indiana Law prohibits the operation of any motorboat within 200 feet of any shoreline “except for the purpose of trolling or approaching or leaving a dock…” and allows NO SPEED GREATER THAN 10 MPH. COMMON COURTESY dictates idle speed in all connecting channels.

NOBLE COUNTY ORDINANCE Noble County Ordinance requires that all dogs must be tethered or otherwise restrained, and that they not be allowed to “roam free”. Pet owners should be aware that violations can carry significant penalties.

We all want West Lakes to be a clean, enjoyable, safe area for the use of all property owners, guests and visitors. Please support, enforce and follow the established rules and guidelines of our lakes!