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West Lakes Conservation, Inc. (a non-profit corporation) was incorporated in Indiana on October 9, 1964 and is known as the West Lakes Association.

The West Lakes Association was organized for the purpose of establishing and keeping a water level; maintaining good fishing, boating, and swimming; good water condition, protection of shore lines, vegetation of the lakes, etc. for the cottage owners or renters, and land owners on what is commonly know as West Lakes.

The West Lakes have a maximum depth ranging from 28 to 46 feet with bottoms of clay, marl, muck and sand. The lakes are connected by channels offering excellent fishing for Bluegill, Crappie, Bass and Northern Pike on a total of 453 acres of water. Approximately 513 families have homes at the West Lakes. Roughly, 211 families have their permanent homes at West Lakes, with 302 families using their property as a summer residence. These families maintain their permanent residence in 108 different cities or towns, located in Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin.

The West Lakes consist of Jones Lake (114 acres), Steinbarger Lake (73 acres), Tamarack Lake (50 acres) and Waldron Lake (216 acres) and is located in Noble County, Indiana. The North Branch of the Elkhart River, with head waters in LaGrange County, flows into Jones Lake and out of Waldron Lake joining the Elkhart River near Ligonier, Indiana.